Our Team



Steve Buhaly

Creator and Executive Producer

Steve Buhaly served as CFO for over 15 years at three public companies in the United States. He has extensive knowledge and experience in personal investing, financial management, and corporate operations.

*Please note: Steve Buhaly is not a professional financial adviser.


Jenny Clark

Associate Producer and Project Manager 

Jenny Clark has 6 years of experience with research, editing, content production, non-profit administration, and project management. She is also a new investor, thanks to Steve. 


Kevin Balmer

Director and Videographer

Kevin Balmer is owner and creative director of Diggable Monkey Productions, an independent video production company that provides full-service video production products for television, documentaries, commercial shorts, social media development, corporate events, academic research, e-course development, e-resumes, crowd-funding, and biographic shorts.